Another plea to extend tables with tab key

As I settle in to the joy of using Bear 2 on a daily basis for work and personal note-taking and find myself pleasantly surprised again with the thought “oh yeah, I can add a table!” … and then get reminded of this missing feature.

I’d like to revive an old request and make another plea for using a tab key in the last cell of a table to add a row and place the cursor in the first cell of the new (last) row of a table. This is the behavior of just about every other table-editing software and, since pressing the tab key in the last cell of a table in Bear 2 currently does absolutely nothing, seems like a great opportunity for improvement.

If, for some reason, the entire architecture of the Bear 2 re-write would be undone by adding this feature, is there any chance you could hack in something like this for us?

if [in last cell of table] and [tab key pressed] {
  simulate key sequence: [add row shortcut] [up arrow] [tab]