Back button when navigating linked notes? [Feature request]


I like that Bear has the capacity to copy a link to a note and put it in another note.

In theory, this would allow one to make a note that is a collection of links to other notes - kind of an index or table of contents. However this functionality is rendered less useful by the lack of navigation functionality.

After clicking a link to a note, there should I think be a an easy way to navigate back to the note one linked from. Would this be possible to add?


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This is already available in Bear. On Mac, look under the View menu. On iOS, swipe with two fingers to the right.


Oh thanks! I had no idea that was there - sorry for the bother - I still think on the Mac maybe having it displayed in the main GUI might be useful though


Agreed, would love a little back button in the interface, good to see that there is a menu item


Nice would be a recent list in the info drop window

You can also use the shortcuts ⌥⌘← to navigate back in visualized notes history and ⌥⌘→ to navigate forward in visualized notes history!

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