Backlinks sorting on the upcoming info panel

Hi there folks,
I noticed there are no options to sort the order of backlinks.
Since the dedicated info panel is yet to be added, will there be options to sort backlinks by different parameters like “date created” etc.?

Also, on what basis are the current backlinks shown?
They seem to be non-chronological to me. (see screenshot)
Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 13.57.51

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I would like to echo this and offer that having multiple sort options would be ideal. If it would default to modified date, descending order, that would keep the most recent references at the top. Seems now its ascending by note title. Which is less than ideal on notes you reference often and have a temporal focus.

For example, I use my daily notes to capture a “TimeLog” (denotes how I charge my time on a timecard). However, as my use continues, I’m going to have to scroll a lot to get to the most current TimeLog references.

I do believe that the quick fix here, that would work for most people is to sort by modified (or creation) date descending, putting the most recent references at the top.

Thanks for considering this enhancement!

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Sorting by title, creation or modification date makes sense. The place where to put the options already exist with the drop down menu of the panel

I would also request on this. Would love if backlinks can be sorted by modified date instead of title.

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