Backticks break images and sketches

Testing version: 2208

What were you doing: inserting image and fencing it in codeblock

What feature did you use: codeblock and images

What happened: fencing the image i.e., putting triple back ticks in front of an imge like [](assets/image.JPG) shows it as the markdown code that implements it, which is perfectly fine and expected :slight_smile: . But removing the backticks again does not render the picture again. The same happens with embedded sketches and documents.
I guess it has to do with the way pandas inserts images/sketches and internally remembers that they are special objects, but this is lost if fenced in backticks.

What did you expect to happen:

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to test the update, and for reporting the above.

This may be something the development team has not yet considered. I’ll pass it onto them to have a look into.

Just wanted to mention that this can easily happen by accident (not only by nosy beta testers :slight_smile: ) if one writes ``` and then everythign below that will be turned into a code block.
This happens every time one writes a fenced code block via keyboard.

I just wanted to bump this issue up again. I am sure it is being worked on, so I am sorry for the pressure. I also wanted to mention that closing and reopening the file—I use a textbundle exported from Bear—in panda will not re-render the images. In short, backticks ``` wreck havoc with anything embedded below it.