Bear 2.0: the beta strikes back

Will we have new access code?

Anyone know how you’d use the public beta (when it’s available) if you’ve installed Bear via the App Store?

You will be directed to the test flight app and will require installation from there. Please backup your notes first

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All your data from Bear 1 would be migrated into Bear 2. Since this is replacing Bear 1, if there is some mess up, it will be impossible to retrieve to the original state. So as others said, please back up all your notes before attempting to download the beta.

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I’ve been using the private beta for Bear 2 as my main app. Anyone know what will happen to my notes there and how to get them to the new public beta?

I think it’s probably a manual backup then import. Don’t have to do each note individually, just a backup to a single file (look in the app settings).


The public beta is coming right… as in there will be a post through which anyone can get a TestFlight link correct?

So why would some people have access already and other not?

Or am I misunderstanding something?

(Unless you mean some private testers have access, but I would hope they would’ve been testing sync features sooner than just now…)

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I know I don’t have to, but I’m still checking in once an hour to see if 2.0 has been released.

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When you install the beta, your v2 database will be replaced with the v1. Before installing, export your v2 notes. Once you’ve completed the installation, you can reimport the ones that weren’t in your v1 database.

NB: If you simply import all notes from the beta, you may wind up with duplicates from v1. That may or may not be a problem for you. If you don’t have a lot of them, it may be easy just to delete the duplicates.

What if instead, I export a backup from the private B2, and then when I get the public B2, I choose “Restore Backup”, as opposed to exporting/importing notes?

If I’m understanding correctly that your v1 database becomes the public B2 database… then I believe you would have your notes from private B2 but no notes from bear 1.0 ( unless those notes were in your private B2 database)

I believe your “private” B2 database is overwritten with the B1 database during the installation. Be sure to backup/export your B2 notes before installing the beta. If you don’t, kiss them goodbye.

That should work…one way to find out. What I’m not sure of is if the restore will replace your converted database or append to it.

As someone who wants to keep my Bear 2 notes since November, and before I try… Will all old notes be duplicated? Changed notes? I’m trying to understand before I start to upgrade…

Did that work? Looking to make this as painless as possible :slight_smile:

Adding on…

As an “Early Bear 2 beta” user, I stopped using Bear 1, so my Bear 1 data was frozen (at least for me) in October of last year. I exclusively used “Early Bear 2 beta” on a single machine (no iOS, no Alfred :frowning: )

Today, I used the “early Bear 2 beta” to ‘backup notes’, I then installed the new Bear beta which migrated my V1 data to the new beta, I could see my notes transferred to the state at which I left them back in October. I then restored notes from the exported “Early Bear 2 beta”… and no dupes! Looks great.

When restoring in the new beta, the app warns you that all notes will be replaced - which is what I wanted.

Hope that helps.