Bear 2.0 web client

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I seem to remember some talk about there being a web client for Bear 2.0.

Would you be able to confirm if this is true? And, if so, can we expect a beta for it before the release of Bear 2.0 for macOS and iOS?

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I also interested in this feature because I have Windows at work and cannot use it with the Bear. This feature will be a game-changer from my point of view.

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A quick search will give you the answers:

Is there any ETA for the web client?

Shiny Frog CEO Danilo Bonardi said in the Verge interview that

“I hope next year, we will ship the web application,” Bonardi says

But really, this is no way an official ETA or that one could even be given at this point, I’m just referencing something I saw online.


The release of v2.0 has brought a web version closer as v2.0 has key features required for the web version too. However, version 2 is “just out the door” and has a few bugs which need squashed. I dare say they will want to enhance it further and perhaps as part of that the web version will be given a higher priority.


Hey Bear devs, is there any news on the web app, now that Bear 2 is out and pretty stable?

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It is being worked on. It is still too early to say exactly what features will be included or when it will be in beta.


A web client would let me migrate off of Evernote once and for all. I’m still using Evernote for personal note taking, because iCloud drive is blocked by policy on my machine at work. I need to be able to access personal notes from my phone, personal machine and work machine. This would finally check that third box.