Bear 2 beta requests 05-12-2022

I would like beta access, thank you!

I would love beta access. Thank you!

What happens now, after my message? Do I have to sign up somewhere, or do I receive a message in this forum?

Would like to try, thanks!

Count me in for the beTar 2.0.

Definitely want to try the new beta. I use Bear everyday

Would love to be part of the beta access. Use the iOS and Mac OS app every day.

Requesting! Would like to try it out after using Bear 1 for a good chunk of my life =)

Interested in trying out the beta! Let me know :+1:

Love to be part of the beta test

I would really love to join Bear 2 macOS beta channel.
Pls consider me, thanks!


I’d love to be part of the Bear 2 Beta test!


Me too :slight_smile: have been enjoying panda quite a lot lately…

I would like to try the beta.

Hi, would love to test the beta ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes please! I’d very much like access to the Bear 2 beta :smiley:

I would love to get access as well. Thank you!

Hi! I’m 100% ready to help testing Bear 2!

If I could get access, thank you!

Love to test the beta!