Bear 2 beta requests 25-11-2022

I would like to test Bear 2.0 too! Thank you in advance!

Would appreciate access to Bear 2.0 for Mac and/or iOS/iPadOS.
Early and relatively long term Bear user thought admittedly sparingly over the past year.

Can I get access to Bear 2 Beta please?

As a bear user I would love to test bear 2 !

Thank you very much

Hello @trix180 – I’d like to participate in the Bear 2 beta. Thank you!

Hi, can I get access to the Bear 2 beta?

Count this long-time Bear subscriber as interested in testing out the Bear 2 beta. Thank you!

Hi, I’d like access to Bear 2 Beta please.

I would like to beta test this, thanks.

Can I have a beta test access?

Could I get beta access please.

I have been a bear pro user for 3 years, how can I access beta? I could not wait :smiley:

I would also like to have access to a beta :wink:

I would access to the macOS 2 beta

I would like to request access :point_up:

I’m interested. Thank you!

I’d love access if available. Thanks

Can I have access too, please?

Everybody here should have received a beta invite. For new requests please this thread