Bear 2 beta requests - Welcome 2023

Hello and welcome 2023,

Please feel free to drop a message here if you want to request access to Bear 2 macOS beta.



Can I run it in parallel with Bear 1 with separate notes DBs? (I don’t want to put my real notes in a beta, but would love to kick the tires and provide feedback. I’ve been playing around with Panda and like what I see!)

If yes, please send me an invite.

Very much looking forward to Bear 2!! You all rock and I love your software.

Yes please, would love to try Beta 2 - thanks!

I would like Beta access please

Yes, I would like to try Bear 2 macOS beta. Thank you!

Hey would it be possible to be added to the TestFlight beta for the iOS Bear beta when it’s available?

Could you please send me the access to Bear 2?

Yes, Bear 2 macOS beta can work along with Bear 1 because operates on a separate database.

Would love to get access to the beta!

I’d love access to the Bear 2 beta ! My spring semester just started and it’s perfect for organizing my schedules and notes :slight_smile:

Yes, I would like to try Bear 2 macOS beta. Thank you!

:wave:t3: would love to kick the tires!

Would love to test Bear 2.

Dope! Would love access to the beta then.


Hi there. is there a new beta for IOS, which will work with the MacOS Beta ? in Testflight I still see the Panda Version.

Thx for your great product and support !

I would like an invite to give a try to Bear 2 and help for the future.

Thank you!

I’ve been using Bear Pro since Feb. 2018. I’d love to try Bear 2 macOS beta. I’ll report bugs and give you tons of feedbacks. Thank you!

I would like to be considered for beta testing.
Thank you.

I would like to try Bear2 macOS beta testing!!! Thank you :grinning: