Bear 2 beta requests - Welcome 2023

i would like beta access. thank you!

I would love to get access to the beta of Bear 2. Thank you.

I’d love to be in Bear 2 beta please, thank you!

Hi! I’d love to be part of the Bear 2 macOS beta. Thank you.

I would like to try out Bear 2.
Looking forward to the full release

Can I get the access?


I would like beta access to Bear 2, please!


I want to request access to Bear 2 macOS beta,please

Yes please!
I would like to try out bear2! Thank you:)

Has anyone here gotten access? :sob:

No unfortunately not yet, I’m still waiting for it…

Hi! Would love to try the beta for iOS and MacOS please! Thank you!

I’d like to join the Beta…

I would like Beta access please

I would like beta access!

Hi, please add me for Bear 2 macOS beta testing :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Hi! I would love to try the beta please.

Hello! I would love to be on the list for Bear Beta. I’m excited to try out the new features! Congratulations on all of the progress the Bear team has made!

Would love to hop on that :wavy_dash: Bangin’ Bear 2 Beta :wavy_dash:
Pretty please! Thx!

I am interested to test Bear 2.0