Bear 2 beta requests - Welcome 2023

I am interested to test Bear 2.0

Please provide me access! Big fan of the app for years. — R

I would like access to the Bear 2 beta please :slight_smile:

I want to test it.
I started to use Bear recently and I miss the tables.

I’m interested in the beta. :raised_back_of_hand:

Yes please, would love to try Beta 2 - thanks!

Would love to get access to the macOS beta—thank you so much!

Hi, I would like access to the beta.

Hello, Could I added to the Beta of Bear2 software? Thank you!

Would love to test it out

As an avid tester of Panda for iOS I would love to test Bear 2 Beta on my M1 Mac. Please send me a link :pray:

Hey @trix180!
Would LOVE access! Thanks a ton

i would love the bear 2 beta

I would love access please!

Hi, I would like to try out and help with Bear 2 Beta. Many thanks.

Please can you add me to the beta trail. Mac iPad and iPhone. Thanks

Please add me to the MacOS Bear 2 beta. Thanks.

Hi, am 100% interested in testing out this beta. I plan to use it extensively (taking notes and using as many tools that the app provide is my life), and to provide feedback as necessary. Thank you! :]

I would like to try Bear 2!

Can I get access to the Beta please?