Bear Beta expired. Bear 2 doesnt pick up old notes

Thank you so much this worked for me :))

Thank you very much, this worked! :slight_smile:

amazing! thank you, that did the trick!! Great support, love it! — R

Hi, I am having the same issue, I tried the latest build but I get an error that says " It was not possible to migrate your database to the new version. Don’t worry your notes are safe, please contact the support team using the ‘Contact Support’ button below and they will help you."

I have copied the database.sqlite file from the original folder. And now I have Application Data 2 folder.

I do not have iCloud backup due to company restrictions - how can I retrieve back my notes in Bear 2. Some of these notes are very critical for my day to day work.

Thank you!


this thread only applies if you were using a very old beta of Bear, if you didn’t have the “Application Data 2” folder that’s not the case.

It might be that you just need to use the live version from the Mac App Store. If you still have issues in getting your notes back write me privately here.


Thanks, I downloaded app store version, and my notes are back! Thanks.

Is it still possible to access this? I’m able to download but it says it’s expired. I still have some notes from this beta that I need to import—thanks!

@trix180 maybe you can help here?