Beta expired - update link broken

When I open the beta I get the message that it is expired. The message directs me to a website but the link seems to be broken.



Happens the same to me as well

Just echoing here as well :slight_smile:

Same here. Hoping I can pull my notes out.

+1 for me… just opened it and it has expired…

Same here on my iMac, but a version on my M1 MacBook Pro opens normally.

On my MacBook Air 2019 the beta didn’t work since today and the link for the update is broken for me as well. Hopefully it will be solved shortly.

I have the same problem.

Same here, hoping for a solution soon

Sorry folks, a new beta is coming out today to address this!


Thanks @matteo

How will we be able to obtain the new version? Will it be sent automatically to all previous recipients?

A day without Bear 2 is too difficult :sweat_smile:


It is a great excuse to procrastinate though and not learning for university today :joy: Thanks @matteo !

Same here on my macbook

same here for my beta, can’t access any of the notes I made in the beta version

Same. Can’t use it at all right now.

Same, expired and not possible to use.

Hi everybody,

please download the last build by following the link you can find in the beta invite in your private messages here.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Can I please have access to the new Beta? When I visit this post, it’s locked: Bear 2 beta requests - Welcome 2023

That worked for me. Version is 2.0, Build 10209. Hopefully that is the right one.

Tkx, @trix180

Because that’s not the right one. Bear 2 beta requests - 31-01-2023