Can someone create a video showing the beta?

Since a lot of us are waiting for the public beta or to be invited. Could someone create a video showing us a few of the new features? Personally i want to see the overall UI of the app and most importantly how you can make notes look smaller. Something that drove me mad in ulysses is how massive each sheet looks in the list of sheets instead of something similar to scrivener where it is just the title. So could someone make a video such as that and reply here so we can see overall how the new beta looks besides the few images uploaded here?

Thank you.

Actually i liked the 6-line-preview in ulysses :grin:

Here how bears most minimal notes list looks like:

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Thank you. THAT IS PERFECT. I love it so much. i don’t know if the date can be removed but for me it infuriated me that ulysses would essentially show me a list of 6 or so sheets when i open a group. Like i know what each sheet is because i title them , i don’t need to have a small preview of the content shown to me. It could be so easy to have a setting that disables the text preview and instead has something like this. For those who want the preview and those who don’t. But this has me even more excited for bear 2… Thanks.

I would love to watch a video showing the beta, unless the devs don’t want people to show the beta yet. Great idea!

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You probably missed the option for sheets in ulysses :wink:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-26 um 21.30.31

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Oh MY. OH MY. a year of ulysses. Thousands upon thousands of words. Never Found that. Oh my. Still though. I have to say i prefer bear 2.0 from everything i have seen so far… Thank you though…