Can't restore purchase

Testing version: Public release

What were you doing: Clicking restore purchase

What feature did you use: Restore purchase

What happened: Get a, “no purchases found” error

What did you expect to happen: My subscription would be found and I’d be upgraded to Pro

Same here. (Coming from the beta, but have a real subscription.)

Potentially relevant detail: I use a different iCloud account for App Store purchases than iMessage, etc.

Issue persists with 2.0.1. It’s kind of a big problem because it breaks syncing (which I paid for).

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Persists with 2.0.2 as well. Can’t sync, so have to migrate to another app.

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Same Here. When I click Restore Purchases, just blinking no action followed.

Same - cannot restore purchase
Version 2.03 - could not find a way to update.