Custom color themes

I love the themes, but none of them hit the spot for me just right. My favorite for now is Ayu but the orange bugs me a bit. It would be nice to be able to choose a basic theme like Ayu and select the accent color from a hex code, slider, etc.

The way Slack handles themes is brilliant—they have presets but also let you customize your own theme by selecting the color for each UI element. This level of customization would be ideal and really make Bear feel like home.


+1 to request Custom color themes

For reference, here’s a beautiful custom theme for the Obsidian notes app:


This one has an amazing gradient effect:

This is something I’d be interested as well!
In my case I’d like to have more controls over the color elements and background color of the dark modes specifically to make them more monochrome and less saturated.

I also really want themes. I dislike something about all the bear themes

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+1 to request colorful headlings.

Yeah +100 for custom themes. The Bear themes are really nice, but most of them a really “wild” for the lack of a better word :blush: I’d love to have something like the default or Dark Notes with a different accent color, something more subdued and simple.


Couldn’t have said it better!

+1 I completely agree!
Especially for changing the different header levels. This would (in my opinion) fix a lot of the confusion in other threads about how the header levels look so similar now.

Thought about themes some more. I think something I always noticed about Android was the heavy use of medium gray themes. I absolutely hate them. It was used throughout so many Android apps, in YouTube dark mode, discord still uses it and so on. Yikes.

Bear is kinda in the old Android days. Dark themes using medium gray. They at least got one completely black theme, but this yellow colour doesn’t look very nice.
I’d actually like the dark gray they use in YouTube right now. Not completely black, but very close.

With light mode, I kinda like when the page (writing area) is white, but everything around it is in a different colour. Kinda like pages (light mode) does it.

Anyways the point I really want to be clear is that everyone got different preferences. Please give us more tools to customise Bear to our liking.

Another option would be to identify Bear-worthy color palettes and submit them to the devs for consideration. That’s what I did.

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Why should just the devs have fun? Custom themes are by far not essential but a lovely thing for playing around, procrastinating and sharing. Don‘t be a grinch!

in Bear 2.0 we did a big rewrite of our themes to make it easier for us to customize/make new ones.

We have plans to make the themes creation/tweaking available to our users, but it’s going to be after the 2.0 launch :slight_smile:


The ability to adjust/tweak themes can be very helpful for those who are challenged by colour and ease the accessibility onus on the dev team.

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This is so much appreciated!!
Thank you, Bear team!
Wonderful news!

Definitely looking forward to this!!

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So far, Ulysses has the best way to style a theme. Not too extreme, has all the features but doesn’t get overwhelming

Ulysses doesn’t have real themes. Rather than that they allow to customize the whole mark up. Furthermore the downoadable themes change the background of the editor. The main ui, f.e. the side panels remain untouched