Deleting from Trash

Yesterday I deleted about 1500 notes from my Bear Trash on my iMac. Later I opened Bear on my phone, but it kept hanging and or crashing. Couldn’t understand what was happening, until I remembered I had deleted from Trash on my Mac earlier. I was finally able to get to the sync screen and watch the pulsing sync indicator, and once it completed, the iPhone app started behaving normally again. I have no idea if this would have happened using Bear 1, or if it is unique to Bear 2, or if I just shouldn’t delete so many notes at once?

Hi, can you please try with the last macOS update (10732)? We have fixed some sync issues.

I’ll try to think of another way to test the fix, but I can no longer delete 1500 notes from my Trash :slight_smile:


This Shortcut creates and trash 50 notes, change the number here if you want to increase the note number.

Used your script to create and delete 1100 notes on my Mac, went to my iPad Pro, and was able to use Bear with no issues.

And I learned my ancient iMac is pretty slow creating 1100 notes via Shortcuts😏


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