Differing increments of numbered lists/sublists

Hi! I code a lot and I like to document many of the things I do with screenshots! I like to break things down into steps and substeps so that I can easily refer to my notes in the future. Currently, Panda only increments numbered lists in numbers and starts again at 1 when you create a sublist, which can be visually confusing when implementing larger screenshots creating large gaps between steps. It would be helpful to have it broken down differently, such as the way Word/Onenote handles their numbered lists.
Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 4.44.15 PM


This would be incredibly useful for me, I Bear for Class notes in college and this is definitely an issue I have ran into, in the same vein, bullet points for β€œ-” and β€œ*” being exactly the same can create confusion if importing into bear from somewhere else.

Also for anyone who deals with this issue a lot @lmf I would recommend using a combination of Headers, numbers, and bullet points. These combined with indents have helped me a lot.

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+1 from me on this. I think this would be extremely useful and either help differentiate Bear from other editors.

My only suggested would be to implement a β€œlegal” numbering scheme instead of the more traditional outline format. In other words rather than combining numbers and letter as above, I would do:

  1. Hi
    1.1. Hi
    1.2. Hi
  2. hello
    2.1. hello again
    2.1.1. and so on
    2.1.2. and so on

I think this might be easier to implement and is more easily understandable.