Display markdown an option

I do appreciate that we can hide the markdown things, but when editing I actually do like being able to see it sometimes. Can this be a feature that can be toggled on and off by keyboard command?


I think this would be a great feature, to quickly check up if the Markdown is in order on a whole document level.

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We have yet to take a decision about allowing users to turn off markdown hiding, if just want to see all the markers you can use ⌘A to select all the note text.


Generally I would also like to have the option from panda to show markdown. Also I remember that you are thinking about implementing an read-only option for notes as it was requested several times. For me these are nice-to-have-features but no more than that.

What ever you do, I hope - if at all you implement these two features - you are not going the road of obsidian that combines that two features. Rather than that i hope you keep them totally separated from each other. I would dislike if there is a read-mode without markups and an edit-Mode with markups


+1 i would like to toggle MD on and off