Feature: ISO Date Format

I would love to see the ISO 8601 date format introduced as one of the date format options.

22 April 2021 is formatted as: 2021-04-22

This feature exists on macOS with Command-Option-Shift-9. But it’d be great to have it on iOS as well.



Unfortunately, we can’t follow the ⌥ way on iOS but a possible solution is providing a preference for the dates inside the app. We are considering this as a possible improvement for both Bear and Panda.

Thanks for the feedback provided.


I’d love to be able to specify the date in international format using backslash characters as separators, so that I can instantly create nested date tags!


I’ve set this up using AlfredApp (has similar feature to TextExpander) on MacOS and use it in Bear several times per day. I’m particularly missing this on iOS, where this kind of text text entry (combination of special characters and numbers) is a pain.

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Hi there,

Currently backslash characters when used in tags are used for creating nests. So if you wish to have a parent tag as 2021, with 06 and 30 as the sub tags, this is currently possible.

If you you desire is to have #2021/06/30 as just a whole tag itself, due to backslash characters being used for nests, this is not possible at the moment.

You could substitute backslash characters with something else, e.g. a full stop. So the tag would be #2021.06.30#

Please note that a hashtag is needed at the end also to be able close and create a tag like this.

I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for, but hoping this helps.

My workaround for this is making text snippet for it. I currently set /// to be expanded as /07/2021. Although, it needs a manual change once a month, it works pretty well, and since it is apple default, it works on all devices too!

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Please count my vote for adding ISO date/time in the insert date/time button menu:

2021-11-17 at 22:23

Thank you for your comment, vote added :slight_smile:

I know this is an old post, but I really need support for ISO Date Format. It allows date-based sorting of the text among many other things.

So, another vote for this feature, please!