Feature request - Daily Notes

I know Bear is not trying to be a Roam or Obsidian. But even Craft has Daily Notes by now. When you get used to them, you see a whole new way to organize your work and take notes. I’ve subscribed to Bear again, and I’ve been creating a new note every day with the title YYYY-MM-DD. It’s not ideal at all. A feature would be much better.

I definitely know what you mean :wink:
I imagine something beautiful and useful like a monthly calendar in the middle pane of bear where otherwise the list of notes are displayed. And maybe a list of notes belonging to the calendar

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I run a script (with a hot key using FastScripts) that copies the date in #date/YYYY/MM/DD format into my note, and use that for everything I type into Bear. It’s easy to do now I suspect with Shortcuts, but I implemented it with AppleScript on macOS. Also the Shortcut keyboard on iOS will also do it. This doesn’t create a calendar in the second column, but organizes the tag in such a way that it works similarly. (My script also shifts to just inserting YYYY-MM-DD if Bear is not frontmost, which is very handy—I use it to name the beginning of almost all my files so they sort by date automatically.).

tell application "System Events"
	set gActiveApp to name of first application process whose frontmost is true
	if gActiveApp is "Bear" then
		set date_ to (do shell script "date +#date/%Y/%m/%d") & " "
		set date_ to (do shell script "date +%Y-%m-%d") & " "
	end if
	keystroke date_
end tell
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Thank you! I don’t know if I’m able to run an Apple Script (never tried before), but I appreciate that you share it.