Feature request: Folders or Groups for notes

So I know that this is a request, that you have rejected in the past due to the focus on keeping the UI clean and simple and rely on the base functionality of using tagging as the overall method for structure (I really do appreciate that priority on clean UI in general). However with these new changes to the Alpha release I just have to put it out there as a request :slight_smile:

FOLDERS: I am a big fan of the whole tagging structure in general, but after using Bear for at couple of years, it just not enough. I had something like the following tagging hierarchy:

  • Work
    – Knowledge base
    – Consultant note
    – Customers
    — [Customer 1]
    — [Customer 2]
    — [Customer 3]
  • Personal
    – Home
    – Health
    – Shopping lists

I have tried using more flat structures, but it gets clustered. The problem with the above structure is that I keep forgetting the full tag “address” (#Work/Customers/Customer 1/), meaning I end up tagging wrong or not at all.
Having a folder structure as in Ulysses, would really make Bear powerful in my opinion. However, to me this doesn’t have to be a full hierarchy of folders, that ultimately would get clustered in itself. It could be as simple as just a top level grouping of your tags, so that you can categorize notes and tags under for example “Work” and “Personal”. A bit like “Areas” in Things 3 perhaps.

If this folder/grouping structure could be reflected in search, so that you could make sure to only search in a specific folder/group/section, it would make all my dreams come true :slight_smile:
I work as a consultant and often have to find notes on site in a meeting or with the customer by my side. This has made Bear very hard to use for personal notes as well, since I don’t always want these to be shown. I’ve had som quite awkward moments with this :flushed:.

So default behaviour would be to search within the area, you are in, perhaps with the ability to switch to search in all notes.

Ohh and THANK YOU for giving us tables and CommonMark :heart:


...I keep forgetting the full tag “address” But with tag-autocomplete you can type the first few characters of a tag and Bear will let you choose the tag from a list (see pic below).

LIMIT SEARCH TO CHOSEN FOLDER: Can’t you do this by clicking on the left side bar on the tag you want to search in?

One more thing: You can simulate folder structure with tags. Define a set of tags to exclusively act as folders and make sure you assign only one of those tags to each note.


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Personally, what I would prefer as opposed to folders is an option to have tags not only leveraged inside the note but in metadata as well. Where I also use tags to build out a folder structure, I’d prefer that to not appear in the note but can define tags that get attached to information about a note. I think this could be a feature that enhances the flexibility that tags already provides.

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I’d personally love a notebook organization system on top of the current tag structure (very much like how Evernote does it). I recognize it’s also out of the scope of the current beta. It would help me organize a great deal, and allow me to make way better use of Bear. If I could have a folder that is essentially just long-term notes from my Drafts app, then I could clear it out without prejudice. As it is, I have to think “What Bear note will this get appended to,” or “Where can I put this in Bear” that slows down my processing, and as a result, I have Drafts that I wind up referring back to that really belong in Bear in my system – notebooks would remove a lot of friction for me in that regard. As it is, having a single “pool” of notes that are organized only by tags makes me feel like notes that aren’t very intentful are cluttering things up. Being able to use notebooks as another vector for organizing would change that.


+1 for folders. What really bothers me about tags is that when click on a parent tag, you don’t just see notes with the parent tag, you see all of the notes work children tags as well!

That is really messy and I can’t tell which notes only have the parent tag.

Say tags represent categories, and have subcategories below categories.

Now say I have a note where I know the category but not the subcategory for.

What I normally do is put it into a category and decide to file it into a subcategory later.

This is practically impossible to do with bear. I can’t click on a category and see the
“un-subcategorized” notes.

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I also support folder management, tags should be used as extensions, because writing articles by myself must have my own classification.

Especially to sort the articles under the folder, I don’t know how the label should sort the articles.