Feature request: Note-level version control

I realize this is far out of scope for Bear 2.0, but I wanted to put it out there for future consideration. I had never proposed this for Bear 1 because I figured it would be far too complicated in a database framework like Bear since there’s no way to tie in to Time Machine or any other OS hooks. But then I read how Reflect is doing this (in their case, it’s an electron app using Google’s Firestore for note storage) - and I thought it was quite elegant: Reflect note history.

Having the ability to retain edits over time - for some notes - can be quite helpful. Thanks for the consideration.



note history is something we had in mind when building Bear 2 tech stack, but we require a few more steps before achieving history and will see the light after 2.0 release. What we had in mind is not too different from Reflect’s. Note history comes with a problem with attachments and disc occupation which is particularly concerning on iPhones and iPads. We currently have not found a good solution for this issue.

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Version control is something I highly desire and I am excited to hear that it may come sooner or later.

I am just not sure if we understand the same by that. For me version control means to browse through manually saved versions of a note. If at all an automatic saving of versions (f.e. in intervalls) is implementedi i hope that it can be disabled

My main feedback having used the Bear v2 beta is that note version history is a killer missing feature. On iOS especially I sometimes unintentionally make changes to notes or accidentally delete notes and it is incredibly frustrating to try and figure out how to get back to a known good state. Google docs is another good example of version history done right.

Keeping a close eye on this thread, if we can be of any help with specific testing @trix180 do let us know :eyes: