Feature Request: Support spaces for indent (not just tabs)

Panda/Bear use tab characters for indentation, and does not very effectively handle content that is indented with spaces. This creates separate issues in Panda as a standalone editor, and in Bear as a self-contained note database app:

  • In Panda, it is expected to open Markdown files created and edited with other tools. It currently behaves quite poorly with common Markdown from other editors that use e.g. 4-space indents. Lists indented this way get mangled in their rendering and can’t be manipulated with the normal tab/shift-tab shortcuts.
  • In Bear, this comes up most pressingly at import time. Pasting space-indented Markdown content from other apps should either be happily handled by the Bear editor, or (likely a sensible default) automatically normalized to the tab-based intent scheme Bear expects.
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