Feature request: treat horizontal rules as folding section boundaries

The addition of folding for headings and outlines is great. I also sometimes organize chunks of notes by breaking them up with horizontal rules (---/***), however, and I really wish folding took these into account. I would expect each HR to delimit a folding boundary at the same level as the nearest section heading under which it lives (a level-1 fold if the only heading above it is an H1, a level-2 fold if the nearest heading above is an H2, etc.). Simply treating them as a barrier where “folding never goes past the next (or previous) HR” is also potentially reasonable. I would want triggering the “fold” command in a span with no headings but between two HRs to fold away the content between those HRs.


I second this suggestion. Right now to make clean delineation between a section and the notes after it, I have to make a fake section and call it something like “next” or “other”. It would be nice to be able to use horizontal lines to indicate that the section has ended and the next notes don’t belong to the previous group.

Mochi notecards basically does this with horizontal rule, treating them as representing endless sides of a flashcard. The app is a clever mix between anki spaced repetition and a PKM wity relational links and tags and decks. Good idea for an app, but kinda buggy electron app.

Horizontal rule is already in bear. Op is talking about using hr tag to delimit folding sections

Yes, that’s what I was talking about as well. If you fold a section even with a horizontal line, the horizontal line disappears along with all the notes below it … until the next section of (at least) the same heading level. To avoid this, I have to make a fake ‘other’ section so that when I fold the above section, only the set of notes above the fake section are folded (see pictures below). Having horizontal rule ‘declare’ an end of the section will alleviate this unnecessary and rather unsightly step with a bunch of meaningless ‘next’ sections. Hope I have explained what I meant properly now.

Let’s pretend I have this note

Now I have to add an Other section if I want the notes below the line to remain visible when I fold the subsection

I support this suggestion.