Feature. Tag granular sorting

I would love to be able to set a different sorting policy for different tags

Basically, I always want to use “Sort by Last Modified” except in the one case of my #2021/04 notes (notes I use for my daily journal) which I would like to be sorted by name as to preserve the order of days in the month.

This is a small feature request, but I think would make a nice addition to the app!

Hi! We received some propositions for different sorting or pin behavior for different tags but the huge problem we have is how to communicate a specific sorting is tag-based and what will cost in terms of “screen estate”. Of course, It’s also a matter of how many people will benefit from the specific feature, but so far the vast majority seems to be ok with the current sorting system.

I’ve resorted to adding “~” at the beginning of tags I want sorted at the top, and keeping it alphabetical. But I end up searching for tags more than clicking on them to get to the notes with any particular tag.