Highlighting Syntax Choice :: and ==

Would it be possible for bear to use == as the syntax for highlighting text as well. It is not part of a standard markdown, and there is no real guide for it. However there are not too many Markdown Note Takers around, and bear definitely falls into one them. In order to prevent compatibility issues with exports I feel that bear should follow the most common Syntax for Highlighting as well.

Roam Research uses ^^
Obsidian uses ==
iA Writer Uses ==
Typora Uses ==

There seems to be a trend recently for more Note Taking Based Markdown editors to use the == Syntax apart from Roam, and bear will be a big player in this space, I do not want to see this market get further segmented. Any thoughts??

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Hi there,

this request sparked a very interesting discussion within the team, we still haven’t take a decision yet, but we agree that fragmentation is something we like to avoid.


Day One uses == as well, even though it’s really using Markdown anymore.