Image Resizing In Editor?

One of my biggest complaints about Bear has been the lack of tables (no longer :ok_hand:t2:) and the inability to resize images in the editor. I know there is currently a “Show Images As Thumbnails” feature. However, I find them to be either too small or too big.

The resizing doesn’t need to be too visually dynamic. Perhaps there could be a “small, medium, large” option and if it were per photo that would be terrific.


Thanks for the feedback, we’re toying around with different approaches for resizing image I hope to be able to show something soon.


That sounds great. I’ll keep my eye out. :blush:

I totally agree. I would love to be able to set a default size at least.

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Nothing too fancy is required. After all, Bear is awesome because Bear is simple. All we need is a simple corner handle to resize the image.

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Agreed, would love to see something simple. I have a lot of images in my Bear notes. Many are either too big or like @jamesredd mentioned, too small if using thumbnail option.

I’m looking to try and move from Evernote to Bear and one of the problems I’ve noticed is that lots of images in Bear are very large and there’s no way to resize them - this occurs when clipping web pages.

While this suggestion wouldn’t be a “fix” for my problem - it would help

Resizing images has been already implemented in this years’ panda update. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

As @Eleanor mentioned, this feature (resizing) has already been added to Panda to test.

If you give it a go, let us know what you think!