Indenting lists

Immediate feedback - like the look of the new editor/app. The note list looks good and works well. Like others, I’d prefer to see which heading level I’m on rather than the three lines.

Toggling visible/invisible Markdown might be nice for users like me who are so used to the old style but I imagine I’ll get used to it.

The thing I immediately missed was using Cmd + ] and Cmd + [ to increase/decrease the level of the indented list. Any chance this could be added back - it’s in my muscle memory.

One more question - any reason tags now begin AND END with #?

Thanks - exciting developments.

Looking at Panda, it appears this has been moved to ALT + CMD + [ and ALT + CMD + ]. So it looks like the defaults have changed in Panda and I bet this is the same in Bear 2 as well.

But you can override the shortcuts in macOS and put them back the old way. You’ll want to override Edit → Move Left and Edit → Move Right. (You can use this same technique for most apps for most shortcuts on macOS. It’s great!)

Steps here.

We changed the shortcuts to ⌘⌥ to uniforms with the cell moving shortcuts inside the tables.
You can remap those as @xierox suggested.

We are investigating a possible bug that forces the # even when is not needed.

Thanks for the feedback.

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