List reordering behavior

When reordering items in lists using drag-and-drop:

  1. List items should snap to the item level. Currently they snap to the line level, which means you can accidentally drop a list item right in the middle of another list item (if it spans more than a single line).

  2. Sub-items in multi-level lists should behave the same way, but they don’t snap at all and instead can break up text at any point.


Yes, I really hope this gets fixed.

I’d also love to see sub-items taken along when their parent is moved.

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Sub-items do already get taken along when their parent is moved actually :slight_smile: One of the countless awesome improvements in Bear 2.

Oh, that’s right! I was getting mixed up with the Move Up/Down keyboard shortcuts which don’t move the children. But dragging does indeed work!

Oh shoot, I wasn’t even aware of that shortcut, thanks for the tip! In that case, add that to the list of requests here – for the Move Up/Down key commands to take child list items with their parent item.