Markdown image support

Hi @TedwardBear and team. Apologies if this request has been asked and addressed - if so, I’m not finding it. But would it be possible for Panda to support markdown images - ie. ![](image_url). I have no idea if that’s a huge development challenge or not, but it would be a super nice feature if possible.

Much appreciated!



I mentioned it, but I didn’t get an answer.

Hi Anthony,

No apology necessary!

Regarding the above, we’re already supporting that syntax.

However, if this is in regards to wanting a remote image to show up, that’s something we still haven’t decided if we can/want to implement or not.

This topic will be discussed amongst the full team, a final decision on it has not yet been made.

Hoping this explanation helps!

Hi @TedwardBear - yes, this was in regards to displaying the remote image within the note. Which would be incredibly helpful for porting in existing markdown notes - not to mention not needing to save images within the SQLite database.

I appreciate your feedback and transparency on the current status. Please count this as a +1 for that feature, if that makes any difference.

Thanks again.

You need to display the network image, and even if you cannot display the network image, load the network image locally, and then display the local image. That is, the image can be automatically converted to local and then displayed. Otherwise, the markdown text I copied won’t display properly.