Never loose the simplicity


I understand the urge to add more and more stuff in order to get ahead in the market. But, the Main Reason people go for Bear is its Minimalism and Simplicity.
Request you to never loose it.


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Thank you for your post @jbaig

This is something we aim to never lose, and it’s a big reason as to why we don’t just add every highly requested feature.

We always want to keep a balance of updating with things that fit/make sense for Bear, whilst also staying true to our minimalistic and clean design. We really appreciate that you understand this.

I think that it is not necessaraly a question how much features you add but rather than what features are added and how. For sure you cannot add a file/folderbased handling of notes without destroying the current design. I hope that in turn panda as a standalone app - once the editor is implemented into bear - will take that approach and build further features around that principle.

When you take a first look at ulysses you will see a clean ui without any distraction so that you never would suspect that it is full of (meaningful) features. On the other side obsidian: a wonderful set of features but the ui is terrible in both matters, the aesthetics and friendliness - an endless amount of tabs whereas i believe after some thinking that almost the whole feature-set of obsidian could be designed easily more minimalistic and userfriendly.

But yes, as long as the devs find a balance between adding features and keeping the priciples of design consistent, elegant and minimalistic, the further development will be amazing. :wink:


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