Note progress line at bottom of the card

Hey folks,

Notived in V2 in some notes there is a line in the bottom of the card, in variant length and cannot seem to find the purspose of it?

[Edit]: Just noticed that this is a progress line, based on checkboxes inside the note. Is there an option to disable this?

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+1 for an option to disable it. While new UI additions are a nice touch in the new version, i believe it’s important to keep options open for those who want to stick to the minimalistic look of Bear 1.0, so new features like a progress line, or timestamps under notes should have a toggle somewhere in settings. There is an option to opt out of hiding markdown, so why not have option to opt out of other UI additions.


Minimalism also means not to have an option for everything :wink:


:angry: but…
fair enough… :disappointed:

There is literally zero chance that I’m not going to steal this one :slight_smile: