Page numbering in PDF export

Please count my vote for optional page numbering on PDF export

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Hello, do you mean you want each page to report a number in the PDF?

I mean a footer or header with page numbering on the PDF, so when printing it on paper, page order don’t get confused even if printer or person drops the printed pages on the floor :wink:

I assume in Bear 2.0 you will also have a print function using the same PDF formatting as in the PDF export?

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I understand page numbering can be useful for print. I’ll keep an eye on other user requests in this sense and eventually add an option for adding numbering.


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Thank you @trix180,

Yes, all feature requests are for Bear 2.1 or later!
The print function is already looking very good :smile:

Hope you will separate applied theme from PDF export/print styles, so that you can easily chose one theme for screen and choose different ones for export/printing:

I changed font and size inside Panda app for MacOS (in the dark.theme file), and both screen display and PDF export came out nicely and looking the same, but don’t want dark-mode for prints though :sunglasses:

But is it already another way to change export style in style/theme file(s) outside current

Looking forward to the Bear beta :bear: