Panda list indentation wrong on import

Testing version: v1.0 (2510

What were you doing: opening an existing markdown file

What feature did you use: lists

What happened: Panda does not import indented list items correctly. Once imported, I am unable to change the indentation of a nested list item without first clearing the list formatting and turning it back into a list.

What did you expect to happen: Markdown lists should be interpreted correctly upon import.

Example MD file to import:


Panda’s handling of file:


Hi there,

May I ask, as the bullet points and sub bullets imported the same as the original example, when you say interpreted correctly upon import what exactly do you mean by this?

It seems that a markdown list imported into Panda does not behave correctly.

For example, in the gif in my original post, I am clicking on the word “test” above “hello” (which is an indented sublist) and pressing tab. My expectation is that Panda should indent the item further. Instead, it just adds a tab where the cursor is.

If I create a list in Panda, I can use tab to indent an item.

Here are two lists in Panda, one is a standard markdown list pasted into Panda. The other, a list created within Panda.


Look at the indentation differences. In the “pasted from markdown source” list, Panda does not respond correctly to pressing tab, enter, shift+tab, etc.

This is what it looks like if I click into an imported list, and press enter twice:

And the same with a list made in Panda:

To recreate, copy and paste this list into Panda, then try to manipulate it with tab, shift+tab, and enter.

- test
- test
    - test

Here is a more straightforward example.

Download and open the attached markdown file with Panda.

  • try to change the indentation level on the lines blue or yellow, using tab and shift+tab

It won’t work.