PDF OCR/search: documents created with Apple scan not searchable

Testing version: Version 2.0 (10209); iPhone 11 Pro

What were you doing: scanning document

What feature did you use: scan document from Bear; import pdf from Apple Notes

What happened: PDF text not searchable

What did you expect to happen: PDF text searchable

The PDF text search feature works for Adobe-created PDF documents imported from the web and other mobile PDF scan apps (e.g., Scanner Pro). However, it will not work for documents scanned into Bear as PDFs (r-click in note, scan documents) or PDFs imported from the Apple Notes app. PDF text search for the same PDF in the Apple Notes app works but not after the PDF is imported into Bear.

Did you get to test drive the iOS beta early? If so how is it?

This issue still applies to Version 2.0 (10641)