Please bring back hanging bullets and checkboxes

One of the many things that I loved about Bear 1 was the good typography. I’m sad to see that hanging bullets have gone in Bear 2 (beta) as well as hanging checkboxes.

Please bring these back. I appreciate that they aren’t for everyone but at least add an option to toggle them if that’s the reason behind removing them.

It was these little attention to details that first drew me to the app.

Bear 2:

Bear 1:


@StevePerry what is the value to these “hanging” bullets? Or, is it just preference?


It’s technically the correct way to show them as it creates a better flow of copy. It’s known as hanging punctuation, and also includes hanging list numerals, quote marks, etc.

I’ve worked as a designer (graphic, and now UI) for over 25-years and I always use them. However, clients often request a flush left alignment (non-hanging). Some change their minds when I discuss the reasons but others insist removal. So whilst it’s “correct”, there are many people who don’t like it and think it’s looks “wrong”.

Bear 1 uses them and I think that it’s a great nod to design traditions. So it would be great to at least have the option in Bear 2. To add insult to injury, bullets, decimals, and checkboxes don’t even align with each other in Bear 2, which makes it look even worse.

Anyway, hopefully we can get them reinstated, perhaps with a toggle to enable/disable.


I am among those who didn’t like the hanging. However, I would fully support a setting to allow that again!


I suspect they were in Bear 1 to mirror how some markdown syntax was shown, but markdown syntax is no longer shown by default in Bear 2.

Hanging punctuation is a design choice and I’d see it as a little bit of a “statement” by a designer rather than anything correct or normal. I’d expect to see lists indented more often than shown with hanging punctuation and that reflects that indents are used to show levels within a bullet list. Bullet lists are meant to break the flow of text, after all, to ensure that the items are read as separate and not as a part of the flow.


There are probably more people who don’t like it than do, as I said above I’ve come across these comments many times and that’s fine. But a setting to re-enable it would be great, and therefore everyone is happy.

For me, it was one of those details that set Bear apart from other note taking apps. The bullets at the moment look misaligned as they don’t even align with the edge of the text (in their non-hanging state), and if you have a numbered list above an unordered list then they don’t align with each other.


I loved them and miss them as well, but the heading in the gutter is my favorite. I can get used to no hanging bullets but i’d really miss the heading level in gutter if was removed


I wholeheartedly agree with you!


I share this feeling too.


Yea… set aside hanging or not, the misalignments really look bad…

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