Problem to export markdown to devonthink

It‘s not easier to export bear to DEVONthink if the note contains picture. The pictures will store in a separate folder which is not easier to integrated in DEVONthink. Is it possible to imbed the picture as a link in the note? Thanks!

I am not sure what you mean by embedding as a link.

  • Embedding image file in md file is not possible by design of the text file (but you can export to rft, pdf, textbundle etc) if you want only one file together with picture.
  • If you care about presence of link itself (linking to separate image file) in md file, it is present in Bear md file when exported.
    - If you want to view the (separated) image file as “embedded” in DevonThink, you will have to change the markdown (link) syntax according to what DT expect for embedding images (this is not standard markdown syntax so I doubt Bear will implement it) (You could use DevonThink Automation or advanced find/replace of some text editors (e.g. Visual Studio Code) for that.
    correction: I have tested in DT now and my export (from Bear) works flawlessly - DT shows md files with images without need to change md syntax (after moving both md and image file+folder into DT).

So I am not really sure what you meant. Did you check “include attachments” when exporting?

I’m not a DEVONThink expert but, if you use copy as > rich text in Bear pictures get carried along as expected?