Question about moving gutter bullets into the body

Question: When the new editor becomes part of Bear 2.0, what happens to currently indented bullets from Bear notes?

Scenario: I have thousands of bulleted items that are indented once to keep them, pardon the expression, out of the gutter.

When the new editor is implemented, do those single-indent bullets become twice-indented bullets?

I sincerely hope not, because that will wreak havoc on hundreds of notes, forcing textwrapping I didn’t want, doubling my intended indents, etc.

On the other hand, in other documents, I have deliberately left my bullets in the gutter, and have sub-bullets below them. If those bullets get indented, I would expect all the sub-bullets to get an additional indent.

What’s the plan for making sure this kind of thing is handled effectively when forcing gutter-bullets to become body-bullets?

There should be a toggle in setting to choose this. Way too many users don’t want the gutter settings to change. Giving the option to choose is a win win for all.