Rounded corners (Images)

Hi team!

It would be great if images could display in note contents like this…

… rather than like this…

… the rounded corners present with the preview looks very classy, and it would be great if the image in the note content also had a certain polish and not just the sharp and out-dated edges :wink::+1:

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+1, love this suggestion :blush:

Your mileage may vary, but in my opinion it is quite a difference, if rounded corners are used as part of the interface or are applied to the user’s content.

In the case of the sketch function, the rounded corners (and shadows) are only shown while editing. I’d be less happy if the software starts styling my images.

If one day themes might become user editable, maybe rounded corners could be an option.

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Then maybe a UI option within preferences that allows the user to decide which they prefer?

I’d agree, the less editing of my content, no matter how small, the better. This seems to fit the ethos behind Markdown.

My main example is screenshots I take during online classes of class Powerpoints. The professors will often have text close to the edge of the screenshot… rounded corners would clip some text. (Now if only my prof could make readable Powerpoints… but that’s another issue).

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Thus a preference choice in preferences or, much like the option to resize an image to suit a users needs?

I’m just saying, there is room for a degree of visual flavor and styling in the presentation of a note — if there wasn’t, then gifs would not be rendered and neither would tables in Panda (or markdown syntax hidden, for that matter) :woman_shrugging: