RTL italic letter bug

Hello there, there seems to be a bug with the Arabic letter “د” when I try to italicise it:

Thank you for your help. And the RTL support otherwise is working flawlessly for me!


Unfortunately, no one on the team knows Arabic, so we’re a bit lost with this feedback. Can you detail what were you trying to do, what went wrong and what were you expecting? :slight_smile:


Hello there,
I’m more than happy to help since my first language is Arabic, and Arabic support is a very important to me and a feature than no other note taking app seems to support or take seriously.

What is expected to happen is this:
unitalicized → الدوائر بالترتيب
italicized → الدوائر بالترتيب

this is what seems to be happening → ال دوائر الترتيب
…the “د” letter is not accepting the italicization it seems

Thank you for your help

CleanShot 2023-03-09 at 17.40.39@2x