RTL Support Progress

I tried Panda with Hebrew in one of the first versions (months ago), and it was good start but not there yet. I tried it again recently - the support is now amazing. I’ve been using Panda as my go-to editor for all Hebrew notes, including ones with many random numbers, punctuations, and English words in them (those things infamously usually render incorrectly with RTL in text editors), and everything works as expected!
Even more — text selection in sentences that mix Hebrew, English, and numbers, is almost always horrible experience (even in editors that supposed to support RTL like MS Word). Somehow in Panda though it just works. I use it both on Mac and iOS and it’s amazing.

So no feedback here, just wanted to say huge thank you for making a great markdown editor with RTL support. :heart:


Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback on our RTL support.

We really wanted the editor to have good RTL support and we’re really glad that you’re enjoying it :slight_smile:

Have a great day!

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