Should we consider auto create non-exist wiki links as empty page?

As I was just typing up a bit of text with a bunch of references added into the mix, referencing existing notes and some notes I was planning to create later I remembered the issue… I understand the problem with auto-creating new notes (though they would be easy to find as untagged notes). But as it is that I do have to comb through my text and click them in order to actually create a note to the already existing link it isn’t really that convenient either. I think I’d still prefer a little pop up asking me if I want to create a new note when there isn’t one already. Then I just hit enter and then I can keep on typing…

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Totally agree, at least give us an option to “create a new note”

One use case here is that people use backlinks in apps like Roam and Logseq to reference block-level items.

Considering that tags in Bear do not do this as Bear is a markdown editor, I can see people like myself wanting to use backlinks here for that as well.

Imagine taking notes on book you are reading about copywriting. You might want to have a copywriting page that itself is empty but contains all references to that term in the backlink section. You could certainly use tags in your note in areas where you want to reference “copywriting” but the problem with tags is they don’t show individually when you click on the tag.

For example, it’ll just show notes with the tag not the instances of a tag whereas a backlink reference shows you the exact spot and surrounding text of the reference (which is incredibly helpful)


with the next update we’ll list the [[wiki links]] without a matching note in the autocomplete panel.
Regardless of how we feel about Auto-creating notes when a new wiki link without a match is inserted, We are concerned about the implications on every piece of code that parses the note and when this creation should happen. So we prefer not to have this at the moment.


Wow! Nice one! That’s would be enough at least for the ease of linking! Thanks a lot!

And I agree that auto creation of pages introduces implications and perhaps not for everyone…

thanks a lot for addressing this.

Also on the same page. Not creating a page, but just showing the list in [[wiki]] links is the right solution :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see how that will look and feel. I agree it’s better to avoid autocreation…