Spelling and Grammar settings are not preserved between sessions

Testing version: Version 1.0 (1648)

What were you doing: From the menu bar, I turned off “Edit → Spelling and Grammar → Check Spelling While Typing” and turned off “Edit → Spelling and Grammar → Correct Spelling Automatically”. I closed Panda and reopened the next day.

What feature did you use: Spelling and Grammar

What happened: Settings did not persist.

What did you expect to happen: Settings should persist between sessions.


I do think macOS management of spelling and grammar and other flags is debatable (especially for document-based apps), but what we are doing in Panda is pretty much what happens in TextEdit: The flags are saved for each document but if you quit the app they reset to the system default. I’m personally not crazy about this behavior but on the other hand, I think we should be consistent with the system-provided apps.

Technically it’s not a huge issue to have persistency across Panda sessions, but before doing it We’d like to know if more people it should behave like this.

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