Tab/Indent feature not sticking

Testing version: 2.0

What were you doing: Tabing and trying to indent, make paragraphs.

What feature did you use: Not sure what the feature is called that highlights it like that.Can’t find it in Bear 2 or original Bear notes.

What happened/What did you expect to happen:

Tabs at the beginning of the line are interpreted as code blocks within the common mark syntax. You intend always used tabbed paragraphs you can check the typography preference.

I don’t get the first part

When I tab on the next line like this
and then type, it doesn’t tab, but jumps back to the beginning of the line.

Can you please make a quick video?

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thank you for responding. Hopefully this clarifies. I looking for paragraph indents to be an option for each paragraph within and document, not just a default for all of them.