Table of Contents too small for an overview

Great finally seeing an document outline (table of contents)! Would be great if it would be scaled as otherwise it again defeats the purpose of giving a tool for commanding large documents if the tool itself can’t be commanded given its restricted size. Currently shows only 10 headings. I got almost 30 in the note I’m looking at.

Also, having a shortcut to fold/unfold all headings would be great instead of having to do one at a time. That is another way that quickly turns the note itself into a table of contents and IMO a cleaner solution to this problem/feature request. And the note can already be resized thus showing more headings at one time.

Anyway, I don’t mind having both, but they need to give better overview of the contents (headings) of the note i.e. show more headings.

Yes, completely agree with this. Perhaps the TOC could even be shown in a side-panel/drawer that scales to the height of the editor window.

I would also love a menu item or shortcut key to open the TOC directly without going via info panel, especially considering the stats/toc tabs don’t seem to be accessible via the keyboard.