Text size a bit small?

Does anyone else find the text size a bit small? Will there be a text size adjustment?


Agreed - the header size to normal font size in Bear today seems too close today, but it feels like Panda has swung too far in the other direction with paragraph fonts being tiny compared to headers.


The devs say all text adjustments will be available when Panda merges with Bear

But the text is so small on Panda that I’ve had a very time using it. I’ve been asking for this from a long time. A simple Cmd+ zoom would have done the trick as well.


Hi there,

Panda is just the test version of the new Editor for Bear at the moment. For now, we’re just focusing on testing major new features in the Editor.

Once merged, the text adjustments that are currently in Bear (plus all of Bear’s other key features—like tags and the Sidebar etc.) will be available once more.

I want to contribute to the testing for a very long time. Please let me.

To test, I need to be able to see it clearly. It’s an essential feature. Give the most basic Cmd+ zoom, at least.

The only option that I have right now is to change the resolution of my screen every time I want to use Panda and revert when done.

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Hi there,

Other than this thread, it has not been reported/noted as an issue for the rest of the community.

But thank you for the feedback and reasoning, we’ll bear it in mind.

@matteo responded to that post, saying we’ll add the font setting in panda soon.
That was 6 months ago. I’m waiting eagerly. My excitement to test Panda is still high :slight_smile:

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Thank you for linking this Tav, and for the reminder.

The team is working on a lot of things at the moment, therefore prioritisation is necessary. This wasn’t a top priority, but I’ll double check with the team again to see where we are on it.

Loving your enthusiasm and excitement for Panda!


Try the solution here How I set up Panda for writing: text size, version history


Thanks @shantera! The small size of text in Panda was dissuading me from using it. Your solution of changing the font size for Panda was exactly what I needed. I changed my Panda font size to 20 and am much happier with it now. :slight_smile:

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Great solution on Mac. Any ideas for doing the same on iOS version?


I imagine if you’re using a jailbroken device and the tweaks from Karen’s Repo, you could crack into the app and change text sizes… Other than that idea, I’ve got nothing.