Typewriter mode

What specifically do you miss?

I specifically miss typewriter mode in Bear.

  • IA Writer has it
  • Ulysses has it
  • Byword has it

I want Bear to have it! :slight_smile:

[What] would [you] want in regards to a typewriter mode?

I’m not looking for anything fancy. I’d like to keep the cursor in the [vertical] middle of the screen so as I type and advance to the next line, the previous line moves up instead of the cursor moving down.


So the tops of my knuckles don’t hide my cursor and text when I’m at the very bottom of the page. (I write reclined as previously noted.)

Do you have a copy of Byword?

They have a great—seemingly simple—implementation of typewriter mode. They also have line and paragraph highlighting. Those are nice-to-haves.

But what I really care about is keeping the cursor in the middle of the screen.

You mentioned Ulysses, they have several options available - highlight, fixed scrolling, and mark current line. Is there one more important from these for you? How would you expect a typewriter mode to work/look in Bear?

I do really like Ulysses’ style of highlighting the middle line. (I don’t have an active copy anymore, so it’s read only, and I thus can’t check the functionality).

Here’s a mockup of the ultimate system—with the option to turn on/off highlight mode…

Let me know if I can clarify anything! Appreciate you asking! :slight_smile:


Hi Christian,

Wow! Many thanks for the additional in-depth feedback. When moving forward with decision making it helps to have this kind of feedback from users.

I’ll note this down and pass it onto the designer and members of the development team to have a think about.

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Sorry to add another +1 but Typewriter Mode has long been my #1 feature request for Bear. I don’t care about other features like tables that seem to have be prioritized way above it.

For me, I love Bear because it’s a great place to write. The only thing missing IMO is Typewriter Mode. When writing a long note, I don’t enjoy having to keep my eyes on the very bottom of the screen. Currently when I reach the bottom, I’ll add a bunch of newlines to get the current line back up to the middle/top of the screen but it really kills my flow to have to continually do that.

Glad to see so many others chiming in on their desire for this feature. Really hope you guys can bump it up in your roadmap once the new editor is out. I’ve previously compiled links to all the times people have asked for this in r/bear. While somewhat niche, I don’t think it’s as niche a feature as you seem to think.


Count me in too, +1 for Typewriter view.


I remember when Sublime Text added typewriter mode. Game changer. It’s funny how small of a UI change increases the usability


Another +1 for typewriter mode. Not much to add to @manwithllama 's description other than its one of nicest features of Ulysses (not surprisingly their implementation is good; I think they were one of the first apps to have it back in the original version). UI wise highlight the line is pretty helpful.

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Vote has been added!

Vote has been added! :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff,

I’ve added your vote to this request :slight_smile:

+1 vote for Typewriter Mode. The rationale has already been expressed by others more eloquently than I could, so I will not attempt to repeat it here. I am one of those individuals who find the bottom of the screen a very awkward, distracting place to write from.
Thanks for considering.

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Hi Robin,

Your vote has been added for this request :slightly_smiling_face:

literally just made an account to be counted as another +1, sorry for being annoying for those that check up on new feedback for bugs but this is a must so that panda can leave bear in the dust as the 2.0


+1 to Typewriter Mode!!! :pray: