Use system font


Could we add an option to use system font (SF Pro and SF Mono)? The new typography setting is great except when you want to use system font. :sweat_smile:

I noticed other apps, such as Drafts, providing similar typography setting has a separate toggle to use system font.

Thank you!

fyi, you can download SF fonts from and import them into FontBook then select them in Bear.

In iOS you need to download a dedicated App, but it works too.

I agree that a system font toggle would be nice, even though I prefer BearSans.


Thank you, @SebiK!

I did try this approach. It worked well on the Mac. However on the iOS, I couldn’t install the bundled SF Pro.ttf (used iFont; it said fonts contain variations are supported) and could only install SF Pro Display and SF Pro Text. I set SF Pro Display for heading and SF Pro Text for body text according to Apple’s guideline but it looks somewhat funky.

I would like to see the FONT used in the editor to also be the FONT used in the PDF export.