What’s your migration preparations?

How do you sync over? Probably copying the notes back to Bear or do you export them like @ilnata?

For now copying, but I want to tag them and try exporting/importing in batch based on the tags; I haven’t tried this yet :slight_smile:


Did you do something for Bear Extension to send notes to Bear 2? My extension sends it to Bear 1…

Im only doing some testing in Bear 2. My real notes still live in Bear 1. Context switching and worries over writing things in the wrong place are too painful.


I’m just a fellow beta tester :wink:

I’ve been living in Bear 2. I have a lot of work ahead of me if I have to migrate back to Bear 1 and then sync :laughing: but I’m really looking forward to the day where I can get back to utilizing a synced MacOS + iOS workflow.


Since so many people can happily live with Bear 2 already, I wonder if there would be option to not migrate but just continue working with from the database of the beta :thinking:

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I think one of the devs answered a little while back that it would be possible to migrate/upgrade B2 Beta to B2 at some point. I’m too tired to find the link tonight.

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It will be possible to move single notes from B2 beta to B2 by exporting the notes as .bear but a real migration is not planned.

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I migrated Bear 1 notes to the Beta just to have them available. Any new notes I’ve created during the Beta phase I’ve been tagging #bear2 so I think I’ll be able to identify what I need to migrate when the time comes. Trying to keep it simple.

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When you migrate your notes do they exist in both Bear 1 and Bear 2 beta?

Tagging is a good idea. What do you plan to do when migrating? Migrate from Bear 1 to Bear 2 release?

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Bear 2 beta will migrate your existing Bear vault, but the original notes will still remain in Bear.

Yes. My thought is to migrate from Bear 1 to Bear 2. Then I think I can just export the #bear2 tags I’m creating and load them into Bear 2 upon release. I’m not doing extensive note-taking in the Beta so it shouldn’t be much of an effort so long as I remember to tag any note with my #bear2 tag when I’m experimenting with the Beta.

That’s a good idea. Thanks for sharing. I might adopt this too. I basically live in Bear 2 but manually move my notes to Bear 1, but exporting Bear 2 beta notes and loading them in Bear 2 release makes so much sense. Just need to remember to export the notes before upgrading to release I guess.

Another thing that would work … is viewing all Notes. They will display in reverse chronological order by the updated date/time and you can export all notes that have been touched since you started the beta … possibly everything up to the “Welcome~ to the #Bear 2# beta!” note.


Yeah, I noticed that too. I was just patting myself on the back yesterday for not deleting the Bear 2 welcome note :joy:

Hah, nice. This might be the easiest, most comfortable and probably most reliable way.

Hopefully someone from the team jumps in just to confirm that this method is indeed a comprehensive list of what has changed.

I think I have plenty of time to memorize all of my notes before the final Bear 2 release :wink: :wink:

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